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It is difficult to predict babies all the time even though mothers wish they could. You can’t always predict the time, the place or the frequency with which babies choose to get messy. When this happens, a diaper change is paramount. At that moment, a convenient tool that makes diaper change easy is a baby wipe.

Baby wipes are so handy and can easily fit into the bag when going out with your baby. So you don’t have to go water hunting when your baby’s diaper gets soiled. Besides the convenient use that baby wipes offer, there are other benefits of baby wipes you should know of.

  1. Baby Wipes Clean Effectively

Babies are always at an increased risk of exposure to irritants found in feces and urine because their skin is more fragile than an adult skin. An infant feces has both fat and water component which the surface active agents formulated into baby wipes help to dissolve. Thus ensuring effective cleaning especially in the diapered area.

  1. Baby Wipes Are Hygienic For Delicate Skin

Wipes are made with treated water, which makes it hygienic for delicate skin. The water treatment procedure for wipes production helps to sterilize the water, remove the salt content and other elements that could breed microorganisms. This process purifies the water and helps to improve your baby’s skin health.

  1. Baby Wipes Are a Gentle Cleanser

As adults, you can scrub your skin with towels or tissue just to get that lipstick smear off your cheek or that ink stain off your hand, but don’t try that on a baby’s skin. It is important to apply as little friction on a baby’s skin as possible, because it is fragile. The glycerin and other emollient ingredients in baby wipes lubricates the skin, leaving the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

The diapered area is always prone to skin irritation that causes diaper rash and dermatitis because of the over hydration caused by urine and feces. Thus, it is important to ensure that your baby’s skin, is always clean.

We recommend you make an informed choice of choosing baby wipes above tissues or cloths. Dr. Brown’s baby wipes and other brand of baby wipes are available in the market. For more information on baby wipes, you can contact us on 07001237000 or email us at creative@wemydrbrowns.com


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