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Have you ever seen the skin of someone who used a low grade cosmetic product before?

If you have, then you know how awful looking the skin looks. Saturated with dusky chemical burns, red itchy skin rash, round tanned freckles just to mention a few, such a person is always the subject of speculations. Similar is the same experience babies go through when they wear low quality diapers.

The major product babies’ use on their skin daily in the first two years is diapers. On the average, babies use 3 to 4 diapers daily. In a week that is 21 to 28 pieces of diapers; in a month 84 to 112 pieces, in a year a cumulative of 1,008 to 1,344 pieces and in two years a baby would have used 2,016 to 2,688 pieces of diapers. Can you imagine if all these diapers are of low quality? This is why mothers need to prioritize quality when picking sensitive products like diapers because the baby’s skin is always at the receiving end.

The skin as the largest organ of the body has as part of its functions, the protection of the body against harmful chemicals and infection through the production of antibacterial substances. However, unlike adult skin, baby’s skin are more sensitive because their skin barrier, which prevents water-rich internal organs from drying out, is thinner, thus makes babies lose “more water than adult skin,” according to lead dermatologist Dr. Michael Freeman. Since the baby’s skin is highly delicate and “continues to develop through the first year of life, it is particularly susceptible to infection”, hence, inferior diapers must not be used on babies.

According to Dr. Rashmi Sarkar, “the diaper area represents a large moist and humid, occluded environment which is more prone to maceration and attack by microorganism”. Thus, using a seconds (low grade) diaper only succeeds in exposing babies to attacks.

Mostly, seconds diapers are not absorbent; this means they cannot retain urine or stool which irritates the baby’s skin. This will result to diaper rash also known as dermatitis which surfaces in the form of itch, rash on swollen reddened skin and blister with pores around the edges of the baby’s bum.

Aside from diaper rash, a soiled diaper also causes skin infection because warm and moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. A quality diaper is made with breathable material that allows air in to prevent fungi growth but fake diapers are usually made with pure nylon back sheet that prevent air circulation. This causes heat rash and fungi infection also known as Candida Diaper rash. It mostly shows up around the genital and buttocks area.

No baby should be made to suffer these health condition because of a low grade diapers. Every baby should enjoy comfort and sound health. Thus parents and guardians need to purchase quality diapers like Dr. Browns Baby diapers which is made with quality breathable materials in a hygienic environment that guarantees optimum hygiene for babies.

Dr. Brown’s baby diaper is also highly absorbent and keeps babies dry and comfortable. According to Mr. Temitope Atolani, one of the Technical Committee Members on Healthcare Textile and Allied Products, Dr. Brown’s mini diaper can absorb 105 millimeters of urine, the medium size can absorb 150 millimeters of urine while the maxi size can absorb 180 millimeters of urine.

Just as cosmetic products can either enhance skin beauty or damage it, so also can diapers leave your babies skin healthy or extremely irritable.

For quality baby diaper, choose Dr. Browns diaper!

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