Dr. Browns: A Brand of Wemy Industries

Dr. Browns: A Brand of Wemy Industries
February 17, 2020 Wemy
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Dr. Browns is the pioneer brand of Wemy Industries Nigeria Limited. For many, the popular hygienic brand, Dr. Browns, is often misconstrued as a foreign brand. On the contrary, it is a Nigerian brand coined by the founder Dr. Ademola Wemimo Odunaiya in 1980.

Whilst in Liverpool, United Kingdom where he lived at the time, Dr. Ademola Odunaiya came across a product named “Dr. White”. He observed that the name of the product gave the consumers a sense of belonging and ownership. Seeing it as a good concept, he thought Africans should also have a brand that reflects and represents them, hence the name “Dr. Browns”. Also, Dr. Ademola Odunaiya has always believed that Africans are not exactly black-skinned, rather Africans are different shades of brown, thus the deliberate plurality of “Browns”.

At the time Dr. Browns launched into the Nigerian market, it was the first brand of diaper and wipes manufactured in Nigeria and Africa. This increased the volume of diapers available in the local markets and supermarkets, and consequently, made diaper easily accessible to all the social classes.

The Dr. Browns brand which started out with just one product has birthed several products. Presently, there are four products under its name, which include, Dr. Browns Baby Diaper, Dr. Browns Wipes, Dr. Browns Self Adhesive Sanitary Pad and Dr. Browns Mother’s Sept Pad also called Nursing Care Pad. All these products have been tested and trusted to guarantee optimum hygiene for all.

Dr. Browns is not just a ‘Made in Nigeria’ brand, Dr. Browns is the authentic African brand that represents the African woman, African mother and African baby through its products.

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