Safeguarding Maternal Healthcare across Africa

Safeguarding Maternal Healthcare across Africa
November 23, 2016 Wemy
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Pregnancy is one of the most precious moments in a woman’s life. However, the time of delivery raises questions for the to-be mother on her safety and that of her baby.

In comparison to other parts of the world, Africa’s population seems to increase than decrease which gives most African countries 45% citizens within the youth demography.  Unfortunately, a lot of these new mothers are from rural areas and have little access to proper health care whether in faculty or even skilled personnel to manage the birthing process.

The 2015 WHO report revealed that approximately over 800 women die from preventable cases related to pregnancy and childbirth every day. Such high deaths occur in the first few weeks of life registering cases of pneumonia, diahorrea, malaria and neonatal cases and the quality of maternal care. This is rampant in developing countries including Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

In 2008, the Government of Ghana declared maternal mortality as a national emergency and developed an MDG acceleration framework. In Togo, the WHO 2013 reports showed that 44% neonatal deaths occurred within the first 24hours of delivery. Now, albeit slow, there is a continuum progress to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths.

The question possess itself; is it possible that one product could absolutely solve several issues associated with risk of infectious diseases during delivery? I do not mean every problem, like some herbal medicines claim to achieve during their marketing gimmicks.


This is what Nigerian sanitary products manufacturer, Wemy Industries have embarked upon within Nigeria and is rapidly extending to different parts of Africa. With their innovative product, the Nightingale Underlay also popular known as the Underpad is making efforts to eradicate the scourge of maternal and infant mortality during delivery.

According to Morgan Obona, General Manager Export for Wemy Industries. “Outside Nigeria, the reception has been positive. In terms of healthcare delivery system, it is an innovative device as it does not allow any biological fluid escape”. On the heels of such feedback, the company is scaling up quickly to meet the international demand across other parts Africa.

Nightingale-towels-underpads-extra large 1000x1000Wemy-Products


Nightingale Towel Underpads are padded mats with waterproof and leak proof backing, quilted for comfort placed directly under the delivering mother. The product helps to contain bodily fluids from the mother during delivery, disposable and makes the post-natal cleaning fast and less rigorous. It can also be in the hospital over the weighing scale to comfort the naked child over the cold scale and also at home in the baby’s cot.



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