April 8, 2020 Wemy
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The wake of coronavirus pandemic has exposed how Nigeria and other African countries’ supply chain depend highly on importation. China for one accounts for around a quarter of Nigerian import from medical materials, to machinery, to electrical equipment, to chemical products and so many others.  In fact, as of today, about 20 percent of global trade in manufacturing intermediate products originate in China.

As the spread of coronavirus continues to rattle the globe, the need for personal protective equipment especially the face mask has rapidly increased; not just for the frontline health workers but for individuals who also want to take precautions. This explains why the shipment of masks meant for Europe was reportedly diverted to the US in a rush for COVID-19 protection.

To the Europeans, this might be a modern piracy, but to us, it is a wake-up call on the dear importance of the local manufacture of the surgical masks. Being a manufacturer of health care products for over 40 years, Wemy industries understands this need. Hence, its decision to commence the production of high-speed face masks.

This is to enable us to supply the Nigerian populace and the whole of West Africa while also making Nigeria independent of import. Local manufacturing of surgical masks to us means an increase in availability of masks in Africa, which at this point is much needed because the fear of masks shortages are driving countries to taking extreme measures to secure them.

To a large extent, Wemy Industries believes that introducing face masks to its production line will help improve the efficiency of the health and security workers, help curtail the spread of corona virus and most importantly, protect the health of the citizens which has always been the goal of Wemy Industries.

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