February 17, 2020 Wemy
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Africa, like every other continent, has different social strata; the upper class, middle class and lower class, which make up its society. In this type of society, it is expected that literacy level will vary among the classes. Wemy Industries, the first indigenous manufacturers of diapers in Nigeria understands this and believes that all consumers must be attended to. Hence its policy of inclusiveness; this policy puts the different social classes into consideration while branding. This further gave birth to the introduction of colour coding for Dr. Brown’s Baby Diaper.

Colour coding is a way to quickly communicate a product to consumers via colours for better visual recognition. Dr. Browns baby Diaper use this colour code system to help consumers easily identify the right size of diaper to buy for their babies. We know that colour is a powerful motivator that helps consumers remember objects and we do not want to get Dr. Brown’s Baby Diaper out of your minds!

Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent and a research conducted by the secretariat of the Seoul International Colour Expo shows that “92.6 percent of consumers put most importance on visual factors when purchasing products”.

Therefore, Dr. Brown’s has chosen three colours to enhance its product visibility for all. These colors are easy-to-identify colours that provide a sense of healthiness, comfort, security and urgency to consumers. The colours are RED, BLUE and GREEN!

The red colour diaper is called “Mini”, it is for babies between 3 to 6 kilogram, the blue colour is called “Midi”, it is for babies between 4 to 10kg while the green colour is called “Maxi”, babies between 8 to 19kg use this.

With this colour coding any consumer can easily identify Dr. Brown’s baby diaper and pick the right size. Dr. Brown’s loves to make shopping easy for you. So remember! The three magic colours are RED, BLUE and GREEN!

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